I wanted to take a moment to thank the Big Ben Mounts Team for devoting so much time and attention to my installation last Saturday. While starting my search for someone to install my new 55" LED TV and 5.1 surround sound system, I came across the BigBenMounts.com site and found it to be refreshingly clear and understandable unlike the others.

I knew I wanted the TV and 3 of the 5 speakers mounted on my all-brick fireplace and the installation had to be done that same day, by a licensed contractor, and at a price I could afford. After our initial phone conversation, it was a no- brainer that they were the right guys for the job.

When the installer showed up I was immediately impressed by his professional demeanor; from his company uniform to the way he wouldn't step foot on my carpet without putting on shoe covers. He started working right away and continued relentlessly for the next 4 hours - even invited me to watch the entire process!

After he was finished cleaning up, he went the extra mile to thoroughly explain how to use everything in language I could easily understand. Good work usually goes unappreciated and that's the exact reason I wanted to serve as a reference in helping any future clients make the right choice.

-Gregory Malkin
Toluca Lake, CA


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